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I think we both would have a lot of fun.” Bunty gave him a very passionate kiss then said, “I would love that.” Paul then started on Kay. As Paul pulled out of her, he thought about how all three of them were wonderful in bed. Including Ann and Donya, all five had class and beautiful bodies. Do Ann now, and I will help you; I've got her very wet in both holes. If we employ her, then I could save a lot of money as my legal bills are enormous... The controls that she and Val have put in are fantastic. I will phone her tomorrow about Wilson and Cameron; why are you uneasy about them? He was very friendly with the Senior Partner, but he died years ago. They have done the legal work in arranging the leases of the two houses beside my aunt’s house.” Paul replied, “I will have a look at them, and maybe we should do that quite quickly; I will also speak to Val tomorrow. Mags could also use it as her office, and we also need to talk about your different business interests and the benefit of having Mags as your lawyer.

I love it when you ride me hard.” They kissed then Paul whispered, “You are an incredible ride, and I love it when you grip my cock tight when I am riding you.” Ann kissed him again, and then he went to Donya and whispered, “Bring your glass and follow me.” Paul went into the kitchen and took a bottle of champagne from the fridge. I don't know of any work that he has done apart from two leases of two properties that she owns. Tell her to do something about that asshole, and I will help her all that I can.” Paul then told them about Val and setting up the three properties as a boutique hotel.

Shall we go to that Italian restaurant that we went to yesterday? I know an excellent restaurant that delivers, and it's only a two-minute walk from the house. They do an excellent Thali.” Paul then went to the Cafe. His phone beeped, he had a message from Kay which read, “Darling, last night was amazing, my pussy is still tingling. I have put an extra packet of your pills in your toiletry bag. Lots of hugs and kisses, your Kay xxx.” Paul sent a reply which read, “Darling, thank you for that. Paul then filled the fridge with the new wines and took the others to the cellar. She hugged and kissed everyone, then she said, “I'm so glad that you called.

” Paul said, “I'll go for a coffee in an Internet cafe so that I can do some research on this morning’s lectures. Can we eat first then go back to the house for a siesta? I think you will hear from Bunty and Mags as both asked for your number. I have a list of things that I need to ask.” Val said, “We need to go to Staples as we need computers, printers and a whole list of things.

He fingered both of them until the meal was served. He pushed it in deep six times then brought it out and went inside her ass. After ten minutes he pulled out and went back inside her pussy. Fifteen minutes later, Mags had a very noisy orgasm. Bunty was hot, he bent her over an armchair and went straight into her very wet ass. Kay was playing and sucking her nipple as she ass-fisted her, fisting her ass with the same rhythm as Paul was pounding her pussy. ” Donya replied, “Wilson and Cameron.” Paul answered, “They are expensive. I was surprised how fast my i Pad was on it.” Ann came over, and Paul kissed her very passionately. Forty minutes later Ann was trembling when Paul slipped out of her. Let's shower then we will both be fresh for each other.” They showered, and for the next two and a half hours they made love in many different ways. We have a lot to think about.” They finished the champagne and went back to bed.

" Donya said, “No problem; when she comes we will order, as I think Paul is getting a bit hungry now. She said, “You two get comfortable, and I'll give this to the girls, so we are not disturbed when the meals arrive.” Bunty was kissing and touching Paul before Donya was out of the door. Donya said, “I'm very sure that we will get him very hard; do you have a camera or will you use your i Phone? Could you take the pictures, as I would like one with him teasing my clit with the tip of his cock? I don't want any face pictures, just his cock and my pussy.“ Donya said, “Okay, let's get him hard.” They both went down on him, with Bunty sucking his cock and Donya massaging his balls. Mags brought up several good points regarding checks and balances on what they were doing.They purchased a Canon, four-in-one unit for one hundred and twenty pounds.Mags had said she had used the same machine in a lawyer's office and it ran on the cheap ink, which saved a fortune, but gave high-quality printing.He told her that you are a very wealthy woman and you appreciate the excellent service he gives you. I asked Kay for your number; I hope you don't mind. If there is anything that I can do for you, then please let me know. Love Bunty xxxx.” Paul replied, “Bunty, you, Mags and Kay were wonderful last night. It was a turn on for me to have a mother and daughter and two sisters on the same night. Lots of hugs and kisses, Paul xxxx.” Paul continued his research. His phone beeped with a message from Val which read, “Been told to clear my desk. Val said that previously to that, Donya’s husband had also been overcharged over a ten year period of over another three million pounds. On Monday she would give a letter to Mags that Mags would send to Mr George Burns, saying that if Mrs Donya Reza was not in possession of six and a half million pounds by close of business on Friday, then all papers would be forwarded to the Law Society. Donya told Val that what she was proposing was brilliant and to go ahead with it.Val says that you could go to the Law Society about this. It was the partner who is ripping off Donya that told me. Val also told her about the exercise she had undertaken at University. Paul paid the bill, and they walked back to the house.

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He was a little hesitant to start with but then over a coffee, he told her all about his fantastic experience.