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This mixing of cultures resulted in the development of many new hieroglyphic signs as the priests explored the mysterious and complex language, often creating complex codes and puns whose meaning was known only to a select few. As the power of the dynasty waned, they increasingly relied upon Rome to maintain control of the country. The greedy Romans applied high tax rates and allowed Egypt less autonomy than the other provinces. This essentially destroyed the hieroglyphic language (which by that time was only used on monumental architecture and in temples). However, the dynasty remained unpopular with more traditional Egyptians (after all they were still Greek), and by 206 B. This strategy worked reasonably well, until Cleopatra pushed her luck and Egypt was invaded by Octavian (Emperor Augustus) in 30 B. The last firmly datable hieroglyphic inscription was written in A. C.) have led many to suggest that Egyptian hieroglyphs may have preceded the Mesopotamian scripts.The Mesopotamian writing system developed over a long period of time.In the hottest of the summer months—June, July, and August—the average daily maximum temperature is 95 °F (35 °C), and the average daily minimum is 70 °F (21 °C).

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Situated within this densely settled zone are most of Cairo’s historic monuments, including the Mosque of Baybars I at its northernmost edge and Saladin’s Citadel in the south.Logograms (where a picture represents a word) were developed as early as 8000 B. but a recognisable system of logograms and phonetic script did not develop until about 3200 - 3100 B. However, the early hieroglyphic script found in Abydos already included short phrases (although we cannot completely translate their meaning), and so is comparatively developed.The first symbols that represent recognisable hieroglyphic signs appear on early pottery (for example, the zigzag lines depicting water) and many of the standards and conventions of the fully developed script are already in evidence on the Narmer palette.Nile, primarily on the eastern shore, some 500 miles (800 km) downstream from the Aswān High Dam.Located in the northeast of the country, Cairo is the gateway to the Nile delta, where the lower Nile separates into the Rosetta and Damietta branches. (2006) governorate, 7,786,640; (2005 est.) urban agglom., 11,128,000. Along the well-irrigated shoreline, lush vegetation shares the landscape with tall skyscrapers.

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